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How I automated my website deployment with CI/CD

Building, testing and deploying your application after every code change (commit) manually is a tedious job. Where comes CI/CD to automate all the hustles we need to go through.

What is CI/CD?

CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration & Continues Deployment

  • Continuous Integration or CI is a automation process for developers when code is regularly build, tested and merged with the main code base, CI helps in implementing testing to the code base where the old and newly pushed code is always tested and any bug will be found before deployment
  • Continues Deployment or CD is a automated process of deploying the code base to the production or other environment, This automated process of deploying the application make it available in the cloud in matter of minutes rather the manually building and deploying the code

A well defined flow of various CI/CD steps is called a pipeline, A pipeline can even include steps like notifying users/stack holders about the new release or notifying the developer on something goes wrong with their code.